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__________ series is an accolade to one of the best Filipino painters - Fernando Amorsolo. He showcased the Philippine setting in a romantic and dreamy matter - illuminated landscapes, rural settings, and beautiful Filipino women. In his paintings, he exhibited women realistically over the society’s standards of beauty. It is our love letter to the Philippines and a celebration of its beauty as Amorsolo did with his masterpieces. 

In this series, we interpret Amorsolo’s elements with our signatures - quiet & romantic volumes & hand embroidery on varied textiles - piña cotton crafted in Kalibo, Aklan, comprising of piña, cotton, and silk & hablon handwoven in Iloilo City. The series goes back to its roots of keeping it straight-forward as we go back to buildable & versatile basics and accessories with creative hand embroidered elements. 

A surprise feature has been added to the blouses - a secret hand embroidery inside the blouses which is dedicated to the creative director’s late dog. This collection is dedicated to Steve, the Jack Russell. 

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