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Mga Pangarap sa Quirino

MGA PANGARAP SA QUIRINO No. Uno (The Dreams in Quirino No. 1)

We look back to where our ideas bloomed from ideas to reality. The elements of what makes us who we are - our favorites and yours. We remember where we started as we take on the next step. This memento capsule collection theme may be a GS Binibini staple every 3 years or so.

We carefully pick out the brand elements - ruffles, hand embroidery, piña, and ribbons. Removable piña sleeves and ruffles to give another life to your classic black blouse - day & night, casual & dressy, feminine & masculine.

For the first time, we used Ramit fabrics made by Mangyan weavers with a black on black colorway that resembles an “embossed” look. The Ramit-Mintahan pattern showcases the expertise and meticulousness of the artisans. Together with our signature piña shifu from Aklan & our own developed sampaguitas to balance a strong color with the original fragile feminine look of the brand.

Different handwork from various parts of the country from creative women leaving a legacy of creative craft and tradition. Driven with thought and passion from start to end.

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