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Aiming to introduce and re-introduce culture, Gabbie Sarenas is a brand that immortalizes tradition through clothing & lifestyle. The brand champions & preserves creative Filipino techniques and artisanship to create unique pieces for the traditional and contemporary woman & man. 


Each piece is a journey of that we would like to share created with kind and thoughtful consideration. Always a nod to culture, each design has the eye for detail with textile manipulation & signature hand embroidery. 

"A Love Letter to The Philippines"



Born in 1987, Gabbie Sarenas is a young fashion designer based in the Philippines. She graduated from SoFA Design Institute with a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design & Marketing Management. Shortly thereafter, she worked for one of the Philippines’ most prestigious fashion designers – Hindy Weber. In 2014, she took a summer course at L’Ecolé de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne taking up Moulage Débutants (Draping for Beginners) and Moulage Avancé (Draping Advanced Level). 


Sarenas established her eponymous label with the thought of writing her love letter to the Philippines. She continuously champions Philippine creativity through design which charms women and men. The whimsical interpretations and nostalgic handwork has created a unique DNA for herself and for the brand. Her passion for Filipino textiles and hand embroidery has taken different forms but stood by the mission and vision of respectful preservation of heritage. Ever curious, she continuous to evolve with championing her love for culture. 


Her romantic story telling has received accolades locally from ArteFino Fair (Best in Fashion, 2018 & Metro Magazine Special Citation for Fashion & Style, 2019), Mega Magazine (NewPH Awardee, 2019) & has been shown internationally in Vancouver Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2017. 

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